by Run The Wire

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released September 5, 2014

Preduced/Engineered by Stephen Murphy -Westfall Recording Co.
Mixed/Mastered by Ray Marte -Westfall Recording Co.



all rights reserved


Run The Wire New York

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Track Name: Adamant
A confession has always been demanded for the ones who have been
disregarding the only shred of loyalty expected from them.
A distraught assemblage.
With barely a grasp.
Intolerant to the aspiring and aspired by incompetence (Work and comply)
With jaded thoughts (Not of their own)
Their standing on (Ceremony)
Breathing dead air (Provided by)
Their damned superior (Only to retrace)
Themselves back again (Cutting the facts)
To keep quiet (We won't allow)
To keep quiet (We won't allow)

We will
Cut them down
Those bastards won't last a second longer

We've all realized that this was soon to come for us.
Ignorance for strength is not a route which we want to take.

Did you think it was divine
To shelter corruption
Without any focus you've been blinded by your own light
Dependent on us for
Rights which you have not earned
All you have earned from us is an
(All you have learned from us is an)
Expression of your irony
Of your irony
Track Name: Sanctionary (feat. Nick Lee from Moon Tooth)
Whether or not the past or present
(Is relevant)
Makes no difference not a decision
(Was bestowed)
Spat down into the grasp of those
(Lusting for)
Absolute subjection, not what I had in mind (in mind)
In mind
(Despotic): All actions monitored by you
(Hypocritical): We are the wrongfully accused
(Counterfeit): Wringing out our final breaths
(Omnipotent): Cowardice leading the masses
The clueless, careless, spineless, useless
I worry my wary mind is wearing thin
Eroding away
Though I've embodied opposition to all.
You're neglectful to all those who carry
This guilt weighing down on their heads
Which pay no sort of mind to

And you are so
Neglectful to all
Those who carry
This guilt weighing down on their heads

Which pay no sort of mind to
Their absolute subjection
You buy into this manmade illusion
We have come to this conclusion:
You're just so neglectful
Track Name: The Eyes (feat. Andrew Herman from Johnny Booth)
Indefinite aspirations
Continuous with our attempts
(So safely)
Steady align with the strife
(Hesitant to continue on)
with this internal conflict

What an exertion to fulfill the cure
Of my own selfishness
(I'm off)
I've had urge to abdicate
(A lonely fortune)

And I've seen such difference
from a healthy link to it
(Strenuous ties)
As it comes to mind
Whens nobility frowned upon?

I pity one who has yet taken the chance
to salvage what's left of this
Strenuous ties
As I come into this with an open mind
And a fucking memory that you left with me

Vexed with a point, to endure.
with intuition
For the only thing i could ask for
Not disconnection
But I have not asked for anything more
Probable fortune.
Now i demand nothing at all

What an exertion to fulfill the cure
Of my own selflessness
(I'm off)
I've had urge to abdicate
(A lonely fortune)

I feel no need to bring
Such difference
In this strenuous tie
As I come into this
With an open mind
There's only one memory
At a point where I'll leave you

The eyes don't see the truth
I will reap what I have seen although I haven't seen it at all
Track Name: Condemned
I convene my own court with the intensions
(For claiming my own terms)

It's something to be expected
For the ones who have gone unheard

(I can only be) on a losing side
(For so long) 'til I reach my point
Of animosity (it keeps growing)
I'm anticipated solely

Maybe the possibility is more than what you see
Anymore reasons why you can't open up?
Reasons you dilute yourself

I ask why you fixate on the light at the end

Every man has something to hide
(The brighter the picture)
The darker the negative
(The darker the) negative

You can say its all water under
But i ask how do you plead
When it has risen towards my knees

I would widen my perspective.
Track Name: Clean Theory
Product of your environment (Intercepted by the skin)
Of your teeth (amend) everything
Rented identities from the irons of another fate
Commit yourself everyday with this fraudelence that insists to
Keep your place.

Go ahead
Erratic threats are un-beneficial
Never running away
From it all while you're
Still trying to
Make these amends with all the wrong things

(Product of) your environment
(Intercepted) by the skin
(Make amends) make amends with
(Everything) make amends
With everything

As I progress you just regress
Amends i have learned to detest
Commit your life everyday
I will hold your tongue in it's place
I won't allow you to put all blame on me

Your choice was to recede any positive chance had and now you'll see the end result
You'll see the end
Result you'll see
The end result
You'll see the end